Sustainable finance

ESG criteria : The use of environmental and social indicators as part of an investment strategy has become mandatory.

The choice of these indicators and the technologies used will become, in the coming years, real competitive advantages for professional investors.

Our approach

Strategic benchmarking & organisational analysis

WeeFin’s Research team analyzed the status of ESG criteria and Green Finance indicators integration on among institutional investors and portfolio managers.
Thanks to this ready-to-use database, we can carry out a flash benchmark of your organisation (data used, budget, organisation, labelling, etc.) and recommend the appropriate strategy.

Industrialization & rationalization

Within a large organization or a small investor, the integration of ESG criteria generates a certain cost for financial institutions.
We support you in the industrialization of your ESG processes (data analysis & recovery, scoring, controls…) by leveraging technologies (Cloud, data pipeline…)

Reporting and regulatory requirements

Whether through regulatory requirements (Article 173, SRI Label, future European regulations) or for proactive internal and customer communication, the quality of reporting is central to an SRI strategy.
WeeFin supports you in the construction of these reports, with experts in data visualization using agile technologies.

Our case studies

Création d’outils industriels de traitement de données ESG (FR)

ESG x Tech : Partage et déploiement des best practices à la direction des investissements

Design et implémentation de dasbhoards dynamiques et de reportings clients ESG

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