Risk and Compliance 

The implementation of regulatory dispositions is still an important issue for banking and financial institutions.

conformité risque reglementation
Faced with an increasingly challenging compliance framework, they must adapt their approach while ensuring that the customer experience is not affected. It’s time to focus on compliance as a service to remain « compliant » and generate results.

Our approach

Flash Diagnostic

For each Risk, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting business line projects, we start our process with a Flash Diagnostic to identify, at the outset of the project, the key business perspectives, issues and impacts in order to anticipate future challenges.

Following this intervention, we define the potential orientations of the project, identify priority actions and plan initial iterations.

Commando plan

In a context of tight deadlines and high complexity, we set up a team of experts in Compliance, Data, IT Architecture and agile compliance methods. This intervention is in charge of the production of key deliverables (framing, functional architecture).

Open Data Compliance & Regtech partnership

Open data and risk/compliance

We help several CIB compliance organizations and asset manager risk teams to optimize their processes. We can help you design your functional and technical architecture roadmap to make sure your leverage latest technologies

Regtech partnership

Traditional providers are being disrupted by fintechs. We regularly benchmark the market of Regtech to identify new services or cost saving opportunities (active contribution to RegTech book)

For each business line, we can help you review your make or buy strategy, benchmark the market, organize RFP process and conduct transition.

Our case studies

Audit of Market Making activities with a dedicated focus on automated trading systems

Etude de marché pour prestation de transparisation

Shareholding Disclosure (SSD)

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