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Steps of recruitment

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A member’s team contacts you by phone.
This interview lasts approximately thirty minutes. The objective is to learn more about you, your motivations and to present WeeFin.

Written step

You have one week to write an essay about a subject related to our activities. The objective is to evaluate your writing skills.
For developer positions, this step is an online code test.

“Who” step

2 team members see in details with you your different professional experiences. Then, you work on a case study and you present it to a team member.

“Focus” step

During this interview, we focus on some of your professional experices to guarantee the adequation with our needs.

The reference check

We contact two of your last managers to confirm some of the information discussed during the recruitment process

WeeFin’s team

RBy joining our team, you are a part of a team united around a common project: building the finance of tomorrow.