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With Lena, we are transforming the financial industry by making Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) accessible to retail investors. Thus, we are democratizing sustainable finance through a simple, collaborative and personalized user experience.

Nowadays, environmental and social issues are major concerns for consumers and are an important factor in investment decisions.

Despite a strong interest in these issues, only 5% of French retail investors own an SRI product. Investment transparency, education, and impact measurement are therefore lacking.

Percentage of French people concerned about environmental and social issues (source: Results of the 8th Ipsos survey for Vigeo Eiris and the FIR)

Our mission is to transform the financial industry by reconnecting retailers’ investments with the environmental and social issues that matter to them.

How does it work?

Our objective is to be the unique application of

individual investors by offering 3 services:

Informer sur l'impact des entreprises

Informing on companies’ impact

Find out the environmental and social impact of the companies you are interested in

Mesure l'impact des investissements


Measure the societal impact of your current or future investments to see if they match your ethical preferences.

reprendre le contrôle de ses investissements

Taking action

Find out what concrete actions you can take to improve your impact.

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