saas platform for sustainable finance

ESG Connect

Environmentally & Socially Responsible investment made easy

Data Integration

Data aggregation

All your ESG data sources aggregated in our platfom

Quality checks

Data quality is controlled by customizable rules

Data Normalisation

Data is standardized in order to be usable in the platform

Matching algorithm

Automatically optimized coverage of extra financial data 

NoCode Custom Scoring

With ESG Connect, stand out from the crowd, create your custom scoring to fit with your own strategy and objectives : develop your KPI and optimize your ESG metrics with easy to use NoCode features.

It’s time to reappropriate ESG data.


Intuitive settings

No-code required, create easily your own indicators and scores 

unlimited metrics

Create as many indicators as you want with the level of detail as you like

Portfolio Analysis & Simulation

Always keep an eye on your portfolio performance, monitor the evolution of indicators towards the targeted objectives or benchmarks. Make simulations : add or remove securities to your portfolio to reach your goals. Deep dive into your securities, Study an issuer from all angles but from a single page.

Powerful analytical tool

Leveraging on AI and Big Data technologies to deep dive and analyse your portfolios.

All stakeholders connected

Share easily information between all your teams within your organization, and outside with clients.

Digital Reporting

ESG Connect automates and industrialize your digital reporting (SFDR, Art 173, …). We offer prebuilt designs and advanced data visualization.

Industrial reporting

Time saving solution to create your company’s reporting.


Adaptable reporting models to fit with your internal and external requirements.


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