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Your ESG strategy is unique, are you lost in the hellish quest for ESG data?

ESG Access becomes your compass and guides you to the data sets that match your strategy and criteria.

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All data sources referenced on our platform.

We have explored the jungle of ESG data to offer you a complete list of available data sets: private, public, free, specific, … 

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Informed advice from our experts and your peers. 

Our experts analyzed in detail the offers available on the market and  informs you precisely on the advantages and disadvantages of each data set. Your peer platform users share their user feedbacks on these data sets.


Decrypted rare data sets

The number of data sets is important, we highlight those that our experts recommend.

We can easily been lost when we need ESG data, our team offers you a specific data source every month to help you enrich your current data.

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ESG Access subscribers form a group of ESG and SRI experts. 

You will be able to share best practices with the ESG Access community. autour We organize 4 events every year on ESG subjects to animate and exchange around these problematics. (ESG & performance, ESG & technology, …) 


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